Drink Tank! New Product

Lee Odom

Here is a new product I found at this years 2022 Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, CO. These are geared towards the craft beer folks who enjoy taking more than just the standard bottled or can beer along. These are mini kegs that you can take in and have filled at most breweries and then pressurize the canister with CO2. Here is the link to their website.. Check them out! https://drinktanks.com/


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@peepso_user_1008(Bob Praete)
I've had one of these for a few years - they are fantastic. The only problem I have had is that it doesn't come with a warning label for beer. I've had some breweries tape a paper one, some complain but fill anyway, and only one refused to fill it. You only need to break two glass growlers and this starts paying for itself...
1 year ago